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P&G is a Company that believes in diversity and inclusion. With more than 140 nationalities represented in our workforce, our own diversity helps us reflect and win with the consumers we serve around the world.

The more we understand people, their needs and challenges, the better we can delight them with our products and services. And while diversity is essential in all we do, we believe inclusion changes the game. Every day we strive to get the full value of our diversity through inclusion — fostering an environment where P&G people can be their best, full and authentic selves in the workplace. But our job doesn’t end there — our belief and commitment extend beyond P&G’s walls. We are driving action on the world stage to make a meaningful difference, and we care deeply about our impact, always striving to make the world a little bit better through our actions.

Everyone valued. Everyone included. Everyone performing at their peak?.

It’s who we are, it’s what we believe, and it’s how we operate—every day.

Using Our Voice & Making An Impact

Every year in the U.S. and globally, we proudly celebrate the rich cultures of our world during Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride Week and Diversity & Inclusion Week to name a few. Our work is not limited to our internal efforts. Externally, we believe in using our voice in advertising and media to call attention to bias, spark dialogue and motivate change in the world. Many of our brands are advancing diversity and inclusion perspectives through accurate and positive portrayals in everyday advertising, and through calling attention to issues like racial inequality and LGBT+ bias. The campaigns we create and the way we tell our stories give us the opportunity to spark conversations that motivate change and create a better world.

The Look

This year we shared a short film called “The Look,” which follows a Black man throughout his day as he encounters a variety of ‘looks’ that symbolize a barrier to acceptance — and differing levels of bias. Through this film, in conjunction with educational resources and perspective at www.talkaboutbias.com, we intend to raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and enable change in hearts and minds.

Watch video: The Look

Challenging industry norms

Our team of passionate African Ancestry (AA) scientists, stylists, and dermatologists found emotional and historical connections behind AA hair not being accepted as mainstream in the beauty industry. The new Pantene Gold Series—designed specifically for AA hair—challenges that norm by celebrating strong AA women and their incredible hair.

Watch video: P&G Scientists That Had a Vision – Black History Month

Supporting pride around the world

We were a proud supporter of Pride activities using our voice to build a more equal world for all individuals. We were a Platinum sponsor for the 2019 World Pride activities in New York City. Thousands of our employees showed their support for the LGBT+ community through their participation in Pride celebrations all over the world.

Watch video: P&G – 100% of Me

Out of the Shadows

“Out of the Shadows” shares the stories of a group of P&G employees who rallied against intolerance and hate and turned the tide of prejudice to ensure that LGBT+ employees received equal benefits within the Company. This film shares the lessons learned during that time to help inspire courageous leadership and develop even more inclusive workplaces and communities for everyone.

The word matter

Designing a sense of touch

More than 69% of people have difficulty differentiating shampoo from conditioner in the shower. Herbal Essences is making sure their products are inclusive for all consumers with a “visual impairment aid”—raised indentations on every bottle so they can tell the difference.

Designing a sense of touch

Fairy drops the Y

Through research, we discovered that LGBT+ people make up about 7% of the UK population. Sadly, they make up almost a quarter of homeless young people today, often driven from their homes and their families when rejected — and that’s not FAIR. So, for a limited time, Fairy became FAIR, dropping the ‘Y’ to support LGBT+ homeless youth by donating a portion of every purchase to the Albert Kennedy Trust charity.

Reimagining play
Great Minds Do Not Think Alike

Great Minds Do Not Think Alike

With no two diagnoses the same, Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition that needs careful understanding to enable the individual to thrive. Full-time employment for adults on the autism spectrum is disappointingly low given the skills that many autistic people can offer potential employers. To drive diversity and inclusion and create innovative growth, we have stepped into the realm of Neurodiversity — an umbrella term for those who think differently. Programs have been launched in P&G’s UK, Boston, Costa Rica and Cincinnati offices to learn as a company how to hire this dynamic talent and to capture candidates’ unique problem-solving methods. Employees from this program are currently working in the fields of R&D and Smart Robotic Automation. We see these programs as an innovation strategy to source diverse talents and drive business results, and early results show both, leading to plans for expansion.

Everyday, we strive to get the full value of our diversity through inclusion – fostering an environment where P&G people can be at their best, full and authentic selves in the workplace. We’ve seen time and again that when P&G employees bring their best, full authentic selves to work it leads to superior innovation and helps us better communicate what our brands stand for.

-Shelly McNamara,

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Senior VP, Human Resources

Diversity in workplace

Diversity & Inclusion in Our Workplace

It comes down to every person on our team committing to our mission. Here’s how we do it every day.

For the 6th year running, we recognized the outstanding work of P&G employees around the world who have progressed diversity and inclusion initiatives through innovation, value creation, and inspirational leadership.

P&G’s [email protected] program supports employees through various life circumstances—whether you’re a single parent or taking care of a special needs child. Employees who participate report significantly higher scores in flexibility, job demands, energy and support.

We joined 400 other companies through the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion and more than 50 global leaders through the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change to advance the conversations in our organization.

Our African Ancestry employees and police officers participate in both moderated and 1-on-1 sessions to develop new understanding and respect for the experiences of each group, which can ultimately build bridges between the two communities.

We know the importance of diversity in the workplace. That's why we attract, hire, and keep diverse people on our team so that we can better understand our world and our consumers. To keep that talent here, we’re creating opportunities and investing in plans for hiring, retaining, and developing them—to the executive level.

For more than 40 years, our Supplier Diversity program has been awarding contracts to women- and minority-owned businesses—including military vets, people with disabilities, and LGBT owners. When our Supply Network reflects the diversity of our consumers, employees, and stakeholders, our community thrives.

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Affinity groups

Affinity groups connect employees based on similar interests or aspects of diversity and are key enablers for employees to feel valued, respected and included, while enabling them to perform at their peak. They foster understanding of the interests and needs of employees in their groups and provide P&G with assistance in attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce.


The CWLT is committed to the advancement of women—making sure that their skills and insights are well represented throughout our company, and at all levels of leadership. The team is actively involved in events and programs that promote mentoring, sponsorship, leadership development, and increasing representation of women at all levels.

GABLE is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, supportive global network that enables Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees, and their allies, to contribute to their fullest potential and to bring their whole self to work every day. What began more than twenty-five years ago as largely a North American-centered network for fostering workplace equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) employees has grown into a supportive and global community, with chapters in 40 countries in every region of the world. These grassroots efforts have evolved into chapters representing the diversity of our employees, as well as strong allies to support individuality and inclusion.

At P&G, we value diversity, and this includes people of all abilities. We founded the People with Disabilities (PWD) Network 38 years ago when the U.S. enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act. The global group shares coping strategies with each other and with colleagues to enable fellow people with disabilities to perform at their peak in the workplace and to enable managers and colleagues to become "disability confident." The PWD Network also leverages their diversity to influence company strategies on things like inclusive product development and inclusive advertising.


The African Ancestry Leadership Network (AALN) is the first employee affinity group established at P&G and reflects P&G’s century-old commitment to the African American community. In the early 1950s, the Company reaffirmed a commitment to diversity by hiring black skilled technicians and laborers. In 1958, with the launch of Drene Hair Care print advertising, P&G progressively evolved its advertising and media communications to include positive portrayals of diverse communities, which was not common at the time. African Ancestry employees have been integral in helping the Company become a corporate leader in innovation, leadership, diversity and inclusion by developing capabilities and insights that improve representation and contributions at all levels of the company, and this has been a catalyst for other affinity organizations. The AALN’s current focus includes recruiting, mentoring and sponsorship, talent development and community engagement.

One of the fastest-growing groups in North America, the Asian Pacific American Leadership Team (APALT), represents the Asian-Pacific Americans working at every level in P&G, where they have made major contributions to our business. The team offers opportunities for networking and is actively involved in recruiting, retaining, developing and advancing employees of Asian-Pacific descent.

There are approximately 60,000 Latinos living in the Cincinnati area, home to P&G’s global headquarters. With language, economic and education barriers, life in Cincinnati can be difficult for many Hispanics. A team of dedicated P&G volunteers comprising the Hispanic Leadership Network in Cincinnati are united in their quest to improve people’s lives inside and outside P&G. This group volunteers in the community in the areas of health, education and the arts and actively engages in programs that support young Hispanic talent.

The mission of the Native American Indian Leadership Team (NAILT) is to enable P&G employees with a strong Native American Indian cultural identity to bring their whole selves to work, in a way that values and respects the NAI diversity of our workplace and supports the communities in which we live. By strengthening the network across North America, NAILT aims to develop talent of North American Indian employees through mentoring, training, informal connections and talent career support. The group also volunteers in local communities where our employees live and work, aiming to improve the lives of people through education and community service.

The Veterans and Reservists Affinity Network enables P&G to be the employer of choice for Veterans/Reservists by unleashing veterans for maximum impact and strengthening local communities. The network focuses on recruiting Veterans, enabling P&G employees still serving in the Reserves/National Guard, upskilling Veterans for bigger impact, providing experienced P&G Military Veterans as mentors to P&G Military Veteran new hires, and giving back to the 25 communities where our P&G Military Veterans work.

From giving new families better benefits to challenging the “9-to-5” in our offices, take a look at how else we’re committing to our employees.

Our work doesn't stop there

For more information about our Diversity & Inclusion efforts, download our 2019 Citizenship Report.

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