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People are the center of all we do

With the heart of a start-up and the resources of a global corporation, we are always looking for imaginative ways to reinvent every aspect of our business. As we innovate, we find inspiration in
people — their needs, values, desires, and passions.

This focus on people infuses how we approach innovation across all areas.

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Constructive disruption: our unique approach to innovation

We believe the only constant is change. In other words, disruption is inevitable. By understanding and embracing it, however, it’s possible to create a kind of constructive disruption that moves business forward, keeping pace with changing markets and consumers’ evolving needs.

Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chain

We’re creating a synchronized network based on real-time demand signals to serve consumers and customers. In Europe multi-category distribution and manufacturing operations in optimum locations are redefining customer order lead times. And, our U.S. mixing centers put 80% of shipments within 24 hours of retailers.

Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush


We’re enabling a superior consumer experience personalized through data. Oral-B GENIUS X with Artificial Intelligence offers personalized feedback on the areas that require more attention when brushing, for better oral health via the Oral-B app.

Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation

We’re accelerating the speed and quality of our learning and delivering significant benefits in time and cost. We used lean innovation to bring Pampers Pure Protection diapers to market in half the time. It’s now a share leader in tracked channels in the U.S. naturals diaper and wipe segment.

We are leading the constructive disruption of our industry across innovation, brand building, supply chain, and digitization and data analytics.

-David Taylor,

Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, P&G

Annual Report 2019

Innovation our way

What happens when you infuse a global corporation with the spirit of a start-up? It unlocks a world of new ways to reinvent every aspect of the business.


Consumer Electronics Show

Reinventing experiences and changing consumer expectations is the hallmark of our innovation. Since 2019, P&G has showcased our innovation at CES, the premier global stage for new and emerging consumer technology.

Here’s how it works. Our LifeLab gives consumers an immersive look at the intersection of our deep consumer knowledge and category-changing innovations that define our brands.

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Our lean innovation model, GrowthWorks, is a unique and disruptive approach that enables us to accelerate and elevate our product research and development processes.

Here’s how it works. We leverage the strengths that come with being one of the largest consumer goods manufacturers while also embracing the agility of a start-up. The results speak for themselves. We’ve already launched many successful experiments, and we’re currently running nearly 200 more.



Our team of in-house development gurus, Alchemy, works with our brands to deliver innovative solutions that give them an unmatched competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.

Here’s how it works. Our team of software developers, user interface and user experience designers, and product managers works with modern programming languages, user experience best practices, and cutting-edge security patterns to build future-forward solutions.

P&G Ventures

P&G Ventures

Our start-up studio, P&G Ventures, works with entrepreneurs, inventors and start-ups to create new brands and businesses outside of the categories in which we currently compete.

Here’s how it works. First, we identify big consumer problems that aren’t being met today and look for business and technology partners to help solve them. Then, we use our resources and expertise to develop, test and refine the brands to set them up for long-term success. Finally, we help the new brands scale and grow into their full potential.

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Connect + Develop

Our external partnership program, Connect + Develop, is based on the belief that collaboration accelerates innovation.

Here’s how it works. Our global team searches for trailblazers outside the company. Then, we create and nurture partnerships with these inventors, patent holders and other innovators—ultimately leading to new solutions in every area of business, from supply chains to products and technologies to in-store and e-commerce experiences.

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Innovation in action

Our commitment to innovation means we’re always trying new things and looking for new areas where we can find inspiration and contribute to the conversation.

CES 2020

CES 2020

P&G’s second showing at CES 2020 reiterated how we are leading constructive disruption to innovate superior products that re-invent the consumer experience.

CES 2020

Vittorio Cretella

Thought-leading CIO Vittorio Cretella Joins P&G

Vittorio, who will lead the next phase of our IT transformation, brings a wealth of digitally-influenced business experience, having spent an accomplished 26-year career as an IT leader at Mars, Inc. He is fluent in today’s IT technologies and capabilities, and deeply understands the relationship between IT and business.

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WINnovation 2019

WINnovation 2019

We recently brought 400+ global R&D leaders to Cincinnati for a week-long event to sharpen our strategies to delight consumers with irresistibly superior products. “As an R&D organization, we are constructively disrupting the way we innovate, always keeping the consumer at the center,” said Kathy Fish, Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer. “Today is not only about celebrating what is working—but continuing to accelerate our progress and pace of learning.”

The innovators behind the innovations

Every breakthrough idea starts in the mind of a forward-thinking person. Someone who looks at a challenge with fresh eyes, connects the dots in a new way, and constructively disrupts the boundaries of what’s possible.

Here are some of the big thinkers behind our innovations.

Susan Ludwig

Susan Ludwig

Susan’s work focuses on developing diapers that better meet the needs of all newborns. Compelled by personal experience, she led the team that launched Pampers Preemie Swaddlers in 2002, eventually securing a patent for an extendable back sheet that helps diapers fit babies as small as 2.5 pounds.

Sawanna Lucus, Rukeyser Thompson, and Rolanda Wilkerson

Sawanna Lucus

This team of chemists spearheaded the Pantene Gold Series, one of the first worldwide product lines designed specifically for ethnic hair. As their consumers continue to disrupt social hair norms, Sawanna, Rukeyser, and Rolanda have their fingers on the pulse, developing and launching new products that deliver on current needs and anticipate those of the future.

Paul Sagel

Paul Sagel

As a co-creator of Crest Whitestrips, Paul will never forget how it felt to make a positive impact on consumers’ lives with a new product that completely transformed the teeth-whitening market. Today, we honor Paul’s work in our Living Legacies series, a company-led conversation with some of our most innovative and accomplished employees.

Rafael Trujillo

Rafael Trujillo

As the lead perfumer on the Original Tide scent, Rafael is responsible for creating one of the most universal sensory experiences of any household product—that fresh laundry smell. His work as a master perfumer involves fostering a deep understanding of how different scents affect people emotionally, and then harnessing that wisdom to create product experiences that capture the hearts of consumers.

We have redefined innovation success as delivering an irresistibly superior experience... We believe this starts with a deep understanding of our consumers and staying connected with them throughout the development process.

–Kathy Fish,

P&G Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer


We are recognized often not only for our innovations, but also for the way we go about the process of innovating.

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Ongoing innovation

Check out the latest from the frontlines of innovation.

P&G Brands in the Making – Tide PODS

Tide Pods

Bringing our brands to market could be described as a million tiny innovations in the making. Each product’s intricate passage, from the lab to the production line to your everyday routine, is a sophisticated yet surprisingly beautiful thing to behold. See how some of the world’s brightest minds, purest ingredients, and finely tuned movements culminate in the moment Tide PODS helps to keep your favorite shirt looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Tide Pods

Constructive Disruption

Constructive disrupton

Superior products are critical, but not enough to keep us ahead in a rapidly changing retail landscape, quickly evolving consumer needs, a transforming media ecosystem, and revolutionary changes in technology. To win in this environment, we are leading the constructive disruption of our industry across innovation, brand building, supply, and digitization and data analytics.

Annual report 2019

Signal P&G

Signal P&G

For the past eight years, Signal P&G has explored innovation with industry thought-leaders across the entire value chain – innovation, brand building, supply chain and digitization & data analytics. Last year we challenged ourselves to “Lead Through Mass Disruption.” This year we invited industry leaders to consider powerful and creative ways to engage with our consumers at every touch point - from advertising, consideration, purchase, and the product experience itself – to achieve a more impactful and relevant consumer experience with our products and brands.

Signal 2019

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